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ICETRAIN 2007 - Certified ice navigation training available in Finland

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Reducing risks of accident

The first internationally targeted ICETRAIN-course was held in Finland at the beginning of October 2007. The training is geared toward masters and officers who operate their vessels through the Baltic during winter season. The first course was attended by shipmasters from Österströms. Although experienced in ice operations, the participants gained valuable knowledge in the training, and the course received positive feedback. Furthermore, the participants stressed the importance of this training in order to improve the safety of winter navigation in the Baltic Sea.

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Captain Sikov Koit took part in the first ICETRAIN course October 2007.

ICETRAIN has been designed by Finnish organisations representing different fields of ice navigation. Persons by name, from left to right: mr Leif Baarman, mr Atso Uusiaho, mr Gustav Lindqvist, ms. Suvi-Tuuli Lappalainen, mr Matti Nuuttila, mr Seppo Liukkonen.

Captain Sergey Sorokin took part in the first ICETRAIN course October 2007.

Winter conditions in the Baltic sea will remain harsh for at least the next 50 years despite the effects of global warming.

Ice-breaker Urho at work in the Baltic Sea.